Monitoring calls in real time

Why call center?

  • Quick installation. Wireless installation of the system and easy transfer from the usual phone without changing the number.Low cost of intallation on your server. The installation takes place in the shortest possible time.
  • Reducing costs Does not require additional investment into landline phones. Tariffs for international and long distance calls are 10-50% lower than for analog networks. Absence of expenses for intracorporate communication
  • Independent locations Quality communication between offices in different cities and even countries. All numbers are served when moving to another office. Possibility to add a new account for a new subscriber or a customer number at any time.
  • Additional functionality Integration with the website and various Internet services and software. Possibility to record a telephone conversation Voice mail, electronic fax and black list functions

Why choose us ?


The most important goal in the development of the Call Center interface was the combination of simplicity, ease of use and the latest technological developments. We carefully worked out the functional elements and created a product that combines both laconism and unlimited possibilities at the same time.

Integration with different systems provides a set of solutions for each business sphere.


Our telephony offers almost unlimited possibilities. We are loyal to customers and can add functions that your business needs.

  •  Statistics and monitoring of calls
  •  Autoinformer
  •  Integration with software products
  •  Displaying customer information on an incoming call
  •  Interactive voice response menu (IVR)
  •  Call Distribution System
  •  Redirection
  •  Hotline based on the call center
  • Additional functionality
Analytics and monitoring
  • Strategic analysis of the call center activities
  • Special reports help to increase the efficiency of the call-center.
  • The results help to ensure the operators have full work load.
  • Planning and optimization of the call center resources determine the growth and expansion strategies.



  • Year: 2017
  • Project: Planning
  • Customer: Byoyega Inc.