eTrans Dispatch Software

Provide fast, reliable and cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation services with a technology first approach to patient transportation.

Provide fast, reliable and cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation services with a technology first approach to patient transportation.

NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) Dispatch Software

There are two key features that non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software must have to be beneficial to transportation providers: flexibility and scalability. Both of these aspects were at the forefront of our team’s thinking when we developed our comprehensive ETRANSdispatch NEMT software.

The ETRANSdispatch platform offers a full, wrap-around suite of NEMT software solutions that apply our dynamic routing, scheduling, and dispatching (RSD) technology—proven successful for transit agencies nationwide—to transportation providers who offer community transportation options. Aligned with our partner MTM’s leading NEMT brokerage model, our software is tailored to specifically meet the needs of NEMT operations of any size, in any location.

We customized our software solutions for the NEMT brokerage model. With features like optimized scheduling and dispatch, GPS functionality, enhanced visibility, streamlined claims and billing, and mobile app technologies, ETRANSdispatch offers more to NEMT providers than any other software solution on the market.

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End-to-End Benefits & Operational Enhancements

Each tier is customizable to your needs and boasts features that allow you to efficiently manage your workflow, trips, and programs. With this cutting edge technology, your organization will have the improved ability to deliver premium transportation service to your passengers. No matter which tier you choose, your company will receive end-to-end benefits that positively impact your staff, passengers, and bottom line.

On average, our clients reduce overall costs by 20%. How do they achieve that? The Etrans platform improves the efficiency of trip entry and scheduling, and offers real-time service monitoring to allow for timely adjustments.

Whether your operation has five vehicles or 500, ETRANSdispatch is completely tailored and scalable to the size of your company. With this level of flexibility and scalability, large and small organizations alike can take advantage of the features most important to you.

With intuitive in-vehicle technology and smartphone applications for both drivers and passengers, We increases transparency and trip management capabilities for all stakeholders, improving the overall transportation experience and increasing satisfaction.

With real-time visibility into route performance, dispatchers can see how individual trips and routes are performing. Using this analysis, dispatchers can quickly make changes and adjustments as necessary to improve service delivery and overall performance.

Reveal’s unparalleled reporting, dashboards, and oversight tools allow you to quickly facilitate data retrieval to better determine the root cause of performance issues. With this ability, our system helps you proactively prevent recurrence of service issues.

Reveal interfaces with Google Maps to hold drivers accountable to schedules and allow for real-time traffic updates for route changes, pick-up and drop-off geocoding to improve location accuracy, and immediate trip reassignment when a dispatcher is alerted that a driver is running late for a pick-up.

Our cloud-based non-emergency medical transportation software solution can help transform your NEMT business.

Serve Modern Day NEMT Needs

NEMT companies need to digitize their operations to meet the growing demand from healthcare providers for reliable medical transportation services for their patients. We can help you achieve that with a robust NEMT dispatch software solution.

Feature List


Easily Accessible

The web-based admin panel for NEMT providers is accessible from any modern browser.


A customizable dashboard screen that highlights all the important metrics in one place.

Manage Trips

Track all trip requests, manually create and edit new trips, track trip progress and more.

Manage Drivers

Tight integration of the driver dispatch app with the central admin system.


Manage Fleet

Add vehicle information to the system, track their availability, maintenance, etc.


Manage Clients

Add and manage your clientele for NEMT services from the client management section.


Dispatch Module

A robust dispatch module to manually or automatically assign new trip requests to drivers.


Manage Notifications

Configure notification settings for drivers, providers, patients and your team.


Manage Categories

Manage NEMT vehicle categories - ambulances, vans, cars, sedans, etc.


Set Pricing

Setup pricing for each category based on distance, time and other parameters.


Setup Hospital Panel

Configure the dashboard for your clients to ensure easy bookings and management.


Billing & Payments

Generate digital invoice for your clients and share it with them via mail.


Accept Payments

Manage payments for your business and drivers from the payments section.


Reporting & Analytics

Get useful stats and operational insights to facilitate data-driven decision making.


Native Apps

Your NEMT fleet will get native Android and iOS apps for best performance.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can go online/offline by using the availability toggle button.

Real-time Requests

Drivers receive new patient transportation requests in real-time on their app.

Nurse/Patient Signatures

Drivers can collect customer/nurse signatures at the time of patient pick up.


Route Navigation

Google Maps powered navigation for drivers to make seamless pickups and drops.


SOS Button

An in-app button that can be used by drivers for emergency alerts.



Easy access for drivers to their trip history, upcoming trips, ratings, earnings and more.


Provider Dashboard

Your hospital partners get a dedicated panel to request rides from your service.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is protected before, during and after each trip.

Seamless Scheduling

Providers can book real-time rides or schedule patient transportation requests.

Digital Invoices

Your NEMT customers get billed for their service usage in an organized manner.


Online Payments

Providers can settle bills for their service usage by making online payments.


Patient Tracking

Providers can track their patient rides on a map and receive important updates.


Patient Alerts

Patients receive SMS alerts for all updates without needing to have an app.


Patient Feedback

Patients can rate their transportation service experience from a feedback page.


Vehicle Choices

Your provider clients can pick the most appropriate vehicle as per the patient needs.

NEMT Software for Efficient Provider Operations

We understand that each NEMT provider operates under unique circumstances. The structure for Medicaid, Medicare and insurance-funded services varies by state; providers may serve primarily urban or rural areas, and may work with a single funder or multiple funders.

ETRANS NEMT transportation software for providers enables you to quickly build optimized schedules, and has flexible scheduling and dispatch modules that can be shaped to suit individual needs. Other functions include: streamlining back-office processes such as billing, improving communication with drivers, and enhancing client service.

Real-Time Dispatch

Accommodate same day scheduling changes such as will-calls, last minute trip requests and late-cancellations without impacting efficiency or on-time performance.

Automated Scheduling

Move beyond paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules with automated scheduling and dispatch. Book single or daily batch trips with incredible fluidity.


Streamline your dispatching and task assignment.
Select the best dispatching feature to suit your business model.


Electronically receive trip requests from brokers, health care organizations and private pay sources and quickly determine the service and payment requirements.


Automatically send branded tracking and alerts to your drivers and customers.

IOS and Android Driver Apps

Every driver in your fleet will be able to log into an IOS or Android courier app for them to use and manage their tasks.

Billing / Claims Management

Client Notifications, Online Booking and In-Vehicle Apps