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The advantages of EtransSolutions

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If you have a strong interest in technology and want to accelerate your career, we offer a culture of continuous learning. We embrace innovative software and hardware to deliver unique and customized IT solutions to industries such as Biotech, Finance & Banking, Legal, Education, Healthcare, and Architecture & Engineering. If you have a strong interest in technology and want to accelerate your career, we offer a culture of continuous learning. 

Our Advantages:

eTrans Solutions offers you a full range of services in software development and implementation, from initial requirements analysis and technological aspects to further maintenance and possible functions upgrade. What it means for the customers is that only one company takes upon itself responsibility for creation and maintenance of a high-quality product providing transparency of processes. 

Client’s interests and needs are always in the center of our attention during the project development. Thanks to thorough examination of the internal structure of our business we are able to organize our work in such a way that the final product would be adapted to all the parameters and requirements of our customer.

Our company has a large contingent of staff that includes professionals in software development of different types. We always offer an optimal model of cooperation for technical realization of your business ideas. 

 eTrans Solutions is the developer of exclusive software of varying degrees of complexity in the sphere of medical transportation, which have no analogues on New York software market

Over the 15 years that eTrans Solutions exists we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in software development. Professional HR-managers involve highly qualified staff in projects’ development. Depending on the specifics of the project we engage particular developers, program architects, system engineers, QA specialists as well as project coordinators and managers.  This helps us create exclusive products for every customer.