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Software for Transportation Logistics

Auto call module
The drivers route planning module
The dispatch module
Operators workplace

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Auto call module.

The day before the trip communication with the client is carried out. The robot notifies the client about the future trip and the client has the possibility to confirm or cancel it.

The driver’s route planning module.

Every day the driver receives a route card to his application, which is included in the general AmbDispatch system. The driver can see all the details of his trips during the working day, which greatly facilitates the work of the whole company, and helps employees to focus on the needs of clients.

Module for conducting billing calculations.

After the trip, the transport company invoices the insurance companies, taking into account each companys specifics.

The dispatch module.

The dispatcher monitors the status of the trip at all stages as they are completed. Integration with Google Maps makes it possible to monitor the companies vehicles on the map, as well as calculate the route distances within the system thereby allowing correcting drivers behavior in crisis situations.

Operator’s workplace.

The works are appointed taking into account the needs of the client, the clients additional circumstances are also taken into account in auto mode. All participants of the trip will be informed about the trip details.

Real-Time Job Tracking

From pick up to drop off, you and your customer will know your driver's every move.