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Business Intelligence - BI

Transparency and Data integrity

Transparency and Data integrity

Real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards

The complete recruitment cycle

The complete recruitment cycle

Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility

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Data-driven decision making for significant business growth

Keeping up with customer behavior and changing demands

Analyze historical as well as real-time data to forecast and plan

Identifying future business opportunities and potential threats

Bridging the gap between business strategy and execution

Cross-departmental Key Performance Indicator

About us

Data Analysis has become a tough job as the data in your organization grow day by day. The hassle of finding, sorting, and interpreting data increases the chances for poor decision making. EtransSoftware built-in Business Intelligence capabilities are a set of powerful inbuilt applications providing you with an insight into the business, enabling better decision making, and improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Save time and improve overall productivity levels with process automation
  • Transform raw data into meaningful information in the forms of graphs, reports or alerts
  • Make intelligent decisions based on trustworthy and relevant data

Our built-in Business Intelligence capabilities enable the user to make decisions based on facts and figures rather than assumptions. This significantly reduces the decision-making time with very high levels of accuracy. The reporting tools combined with the graphical dashboards when integrated with Business Intelligence software tools provide immense power in the hands of the user which increase user productivity which in turn helps to improves the productivity of the company.